Looking back on 1 year of Motherhood

I’m going to just go ahead and fulfill all the cliches by saying that i cant even believe that my baby is already one!!! Where did the time go? When did she get so big?!

Motherhood really is the craziest journey I’ve ever been on… I have felt overwhelmed, bewildered, proud, sad, impatient, happy, fearful. A true roller coaster of emotions. From those first few terrifying weeks home from the hospital, watching to make sure she’s still breathing. To the countless hours spent nursing and pumping. The growth spurts and milestones. An anxiety filled first overseas flight at 6 months and a 16 hour road trip at 11 months, to now celebrating 1 whole year of our baby girl being here.

On the one hand it feels as though she has been with us forever and on the other like she just got here. Do I have it figured out? Hell no! But I definitely have a better handle on things.

If I could go back and tell myself one thing, it would be to chill out a little bit. Not to google so much and not to obsess over the little things. It’s all easier said than done but I wasted so much time freaking out about what could be wrong or what illnesses she could have and it was never anything! I also would tell myself not to get so caught up in what other people are telling you. Just 1 example: So many people told me not to even let my child start to use a pacifier because it will be so hard to get rid of. But after listening to my daughter cry for what seemed like 2 weeks straight at 7 weeks old, I gave her a paci and guess what? That’s all she needed/ wanted. She wasn’t hungry, she didn’t have acid reflux or whatever else I had been diagnosing her with – she just needed something to suck on!

A year into this and I have probably broken every single “I will never do this…” rule that I had so naively placed on myself. Guys the first year is all about SURVIVAL. You gotta do what makes you and your baby happy. If that means letting them sleep in your bed, then so be it. If that means letting your kid watch the occasional cartoon, cool. Do what you gotta do to stay sane!

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