Our house flooded…

This is a post I have debated writing for a while now. If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you have seen me posting that our house flooded in April and we have had to move into my parents house while our house is being repaired. The only reason I hesitated in posting this, is because I generally want this blog to be a collection of happy memories and this is anything but. BUT, it is something that has affected us for months and months and has resulted in a remodel of our whole first floor.

On April 17th, ¬†Houston was hit with some serious rain and chance of flooding. Which, when you are from Houston doesn’t really have to mean anything. My husband had spent the day laying new laminate flooring in our dining room (he had done our bedroom the week prior), so we went to bed exhausted hoping the rain would let up by morning. We woke up around 4 am to some serious thunder and lightning and went to go look outside. This is when we realized that the water was almost up to our front door and then we looked into the empty dining room and saw a puddle between the new laminate floors. Great, right? Then I went into the kitchen and looked into the office which had the sub-floor exposed because again, we were laying laminate and the entire floor is wet – cue full blown panic mode!


Then we notice it’s wet by the front and back door, in both of our closets the carpet is wet… basically it’s a disaster. My husbands closet backs to the living room and is near the center of the house which is what really scary because clearly that’s not just water seeping in from the outside, it’s coming form the ground. Just to clarify, it’s not like water is poring in from the outside, it’s just kind of wet in lots of places.

So as soon as 7:00 hit, we call our insurance (thank God we have flood insurance) and then call my parents to come and help us get the water out of our house and pull up all the brand new laminate – which is now trash because it’s all wet, tear out the carpet in the closets, part of the stairs… it felt like a nightmare. I won’t bore y’all with all the boring details but imagine trying to live in a house with industrial fans blowing in every room with a 1 year old. It just wasn’t possible. And after having some contractors come by and tell us they would have to tear out the drywall up to 2 feet in every room, that our kitchen cabinets were wet behind, as well as our bathroom, we gave up, packed our things and moved to my parents house for what we hoped would be 6-8 weeks. Guys, it’s been 3 months.

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