8 tips for RVing with a toddler

My husband and I have become what I think you would call Recreational Vehicle Addicts. We freaking love them! One of the main things that we have in common is our love of travel and we knew that when we had a baby, we would still want to travel. But being practical, we knew that some things would need to change as far as itinerary and time were concerned. So when Sophie was 15 months old, we went on our first RV adventure as a family of 3. We wanted to go on a epic road trip through Colorado and Utah. Renting an RV seemed like the best solution for us because babies/ kids need stuff, lots and lots of stuff! She was also still nursing, so the practicality of just being able to pull over and have all the comforts of a hotel room made it seem like a no-brainer. And honestly, the idea of staying in a different hotel every night (unpacking and repacking) seemed like a nightmare. So we decided to rent and RV and we loved it so much, that we did it again on our family vacation this year. Again, we embarked on a super epic road trip from San Francisco to Seattle. Having done this twice now with a baby and then toddler, I have picked up some tips along the way!

Here are my 10 tips on RVing with a baby/ toddler:

  1. Strap your babies car seat directly on to the wood part of the bench seat – this provides more stability than the squishy seat. And bonus – they have a table in front of them for toys or a tablet.
  2. Go to Wal-Mart as soon as you pick up the RV to grab all of your essentials – because Wal-Mart is a great 1 stop for everything from cleaning supplies to food.
  3. Use all stops to let your kiddos run around inside and get their wiggles out.
  4. Get a doormat and a mini broom. It does wonders for keeping the dirt/ sand to a minimum!
  5. Pack the RV full with snacks for easy access.
  6. Get a tablet holder with a suction cup to suction it to the window or table.
  7. Buy a couple of new toys your little one has never seen. Target dollar section is great for this!
  8. Bring your baby monitor. If you have a site with electricity, you can relax outside of the RV without having to worry.

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