Storytime: My first tattoo


From my personal Facebook account

June 22nd

It seems most of you have heard the news that our beautiful Courtney has died of cancer.

Courtney was my best friend and like my little sister, but I always looked up to her. I think a lot of us did. She was so freaking smart, such a talented dancer, a born leader, funny and so kind. Always had a smile for everyone and people just wanted to be around her. She was annoyingly good at everything…except crafts. She sucked at crafts.

But you all should know how strong she was through it all… even when the pain was impossible; she still had a smile for me. And during these last days, her hospital room was filled non-stop by her closest friends and family.

I love her so very much and will forever remember her beautiful, smiling face.

July 12th

Today was my best friends memorial service. Sitting there in a church full of friends, family and strangers; We laughed, we cried, we held each other tight… never will there ever be anyone like you my love.
This is the Birthday present I gave her on her 32nd Birthday less than 2 months ago. A sign with her favorite quote from the movie Hope Floats:
“Beginnings are scary, Endings are usually sad, but it’s whats in the middle that counts. So when you find yourself at the beginning, just give hope a chance to float up. And it will.“
And while I find myself at this horrible new beginning- a life without you by my side, I sure as hell am glad I got to spend 17 years of my “middle” with you. #foreverandalways #tothemoonandback

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