What the hell is Vlogmas?!

That’s the million dollar question all small YouTubers ask themselves come November. At least that is how it was for me this year…

Because I had just officially started my YouTube channel in the months before Christmas, I decided that I wanted to partake in this crazy thing called VLOGMAS!

So what is Vlogmas? Vlogmas is when YouTuber make videos for every day in December leading up to Christmas. So what the heck are these videos about? These usually tend to be daily vlogs but if you are not used to daily vlogging (because editing, filming and posting in 24 hours is just so much work, there are plenty of other video ideas as well!

  • decorating for Christmas
  • baking cookies
  • looking at Christmas lights
  • favorite Holiday traditions
  • Christmas crafts

Well folks, I gave it my all but I only lasted 10 consecutive days…working and vlogging and editing and doing my side hustle photography… it just became way too much! But I will say that I am super glad that I tried because a) I made some fun videos and b) I got a lot more comfortable talking to the camera just because I was doing it every day!

Take a look below at my playlist and some of the videos below and feel free to leave me some feedback and drop your links if you have done Vlogmas before – I would love to see!

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