5 things you need to know before visiting Germany!

In this weeks blog (and video), I will be taking about 5 practical things you should know before traveling to Germany in 2019!

  1. Cash is King
  2. You have to pay to use the restroom
  3. Recycle to get money back for plastic bottles
  4. Restaurant water & tipping culture
  5. Traffic Laws

In Germany cash is still very much the prefered method of payment and actually the only method of payment that is accepted. ANd this is not just at Mom and Pop shops, this is at restaurants, tourist attractions, some grocery stores, etc. SO be prepared and always have cash on you.

Another thing that will come as a shock to most visitors, is that you have to apy to use the restroom at gas stations and shopping malls in Germany. At gas stations you get a coupon that can be used towards a purchase (the fee is usually .50 cents). Ins hopping malls you can choose how much you leave as a “tip”.

Tip 3 is all about recycling. Ever wonder how Germany is so clean? Recycling! Pay attention to the plastic bottles and cans you purchase. IF you look for the recycle symbol you will see if you can get “Pfand” back for the bottle. They give you .25 for every can or plastic bottle you recycle, it’s a refund of a deposit you paid when you bought the drink. I think it’s an awesome incentive to recycle! Another thing to note, if you are staying at an Air BnB or with someone, people split there recycling up into AT LEAST 3 bins inside their home. Just be mindful of that, it will probably be labeled. German efficiency and all that.

And last but not least, let’s talk about the “rules”. Now I know many of you have heard that Germans are notorious rule followers and well, I cant deny that… so here are some basics to keep you from getting yelled at in the streets. Bike lanes are for bikes. Period, end of story. Don’t walk in them, don’t stop to chit chat in them… people take there bikes very seriously and you will get reprimanded by a shrill bike bell if caught. I’m only half kidding. But the other things Germans don’t mess around with are the rules of the road. There is a reason why there are spots on the Autobahn where you can drive as fast as you want and it’s because everyone knows the rules. Left lanes are for passing and or ‘hauling ass” only. If you see someone coming in the rear view, speed up or get over FAST. Vroom Vroom.

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