5 Things you need to know before visiting: Big Bend National Park

Here are some of my tips about what you need to know before visiting Big Bend National Park! If you have been, let me know if I missed anything.

Tip 1: Campgrounds

There are 3 campgrounds in Big Bend National Park – Cottonwood, Chisos Basin and Rio Grande Village. All 3 campground are relatively far apart so plan accordingly – Chisos being the most popular! If you can make reservations ahead of time.

Tip 2: Cell Service

Do not expect to have cell service within the park! We had service at Chisos Basin and at the visitor center but other than that it was really sketchy. So my advice is to just make sure you have maps and important numbers already saved to your phone.

Tip 3: Weather

Big Bend is known for dramatic changes in weather, so even if you are going in the summer bring some kind of a jacket. We went for Labor Day which happened to be the tail end of monsoon season (who knew!?) and our tents flooded and we ended up having to find a hotel at 10:00 at night. It was not ideal.

Tip 4: Distance

If you need to know anything at all about BBNP it’s that EVERYTHING is far apart. This park is huge!!! The map looks very deceiving. We spent way more time in our cars then we would have liked just driving from point A to B and back again, so plan activities accordingly.

Tip 5: Lions and Tigers and Bears

Finally, just be prepared to see some critter. Whether you are camping or out hiking, chances are you will run across a tarantula or some giant lizards and maybe even a snake. In our case we also had an encounter with a bear (see video) and mountain lions are also prevalent within the park. So just be mindful of that and be safe!

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