Acadia National Park | A weekend adventure

In October 2018, we road tripped to Maine to check out Acadia National Park. I had seen this gorgeous park on an episode of Good Morning America where they were featuring some of America’s prettiest National Parks and knew right then I had to see it! And what better time than October when the leaves are changing??? I’m fairly certain I didn’t stop saying “look how beautiful it is” all weekend long!

I highly recommend going to Acadia in the off months because I have heard that parking can be ridiculous in the summer just given the small size of the park. We thankfully did not have any issues – and even though it was really cold, the views made up for it in every way!!

We stayed at Balckwoods Campground in our travel trailer. The location was great because you are close to Bar Harbor and some of the bigger hikes within the park. Just beware, the campground does close for the winter.

We used our 2 full days to explore Jordan Pond and enjoy the fantastic popovers at Jordan Pond House (worth the wait) and also doing the Bee Hive hike. As you will see in the video, not for those with a fear of heights but FANTASTIC for everyone else! The next day we explored Bar Harbor a little more and checked out the Bass Harbor Lighthouse which so windy, but spectacular. We didn’t initially realize there are stairs going down the cliff to get that view of the Lighthouse from the rocks – definitely do this!! Afterwards, we got dropped off up at Cadillac Mountain and hiked the 4 miles down to Blackwoods Campground. This is a great way to do the hike and see the views if you only have limited time. But side note, there is no way I would have been able to do that hike uphill – there were some really steeps rocks to get up and around.

Overall, this is one of my new favorite parks – it’s small which I feel like makes it possible to see most of the park in just a few short days. I would love to go back and see it in the summer months one year!

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